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Olaf Vollmer
Graduate industrial engineer
Caps and closures/ IT
T 02359 9084 44
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Food and Packaging Industry

Safely Shut…

Starting with the mustard- and honeyjars up cosmetic products like styling gel, we produce suitable closures. The slip lids and screw lids made out of PP and PE are available in a wide range of colours and sizes, with lip seal or tamper-evident closure for perishable foods. Good products deserve an attractive look. The IML-Dressing enables nearly every graphical design for your cover.

Gute Produkte verdienen ein attraktives Aussehen.

With the highly specialized process of InMould Labeling (IML), the image printed on a foil is stamped as a label and inserted directly into the injection mold during the finishing process of the cover. During the production process, the label is inseparably fused to the base material.

Play with your ideas – no matter if photo realistic, with 3D effect, special colours, etc.

Let the product be your business card!