Products and Product Groups

Many Materials. Many Applications.

Absolute quality and adherence to schedules are the focus of our activities. The technical know-how and manufacturing processes are always up to date and ensure consistent high quality - even in the most difficult cases.

Our areas of expertise:

  • The production of parts from a variety of engineering plastics, for example for diaphragm pumps, centrifugal pumps, as well as blade wheels and magnet rotors.
  • Moreover, the sheathing of steel parts with PTFE as well as the production of magnetic floats and immersion pipes, is one of our business units.
  • Furthermore, we manufacture products of regulation and flow control technology in large and small series. Examples: gaiters, sealing elements of all kinds, seat rings, fittings, bushing, o-rings, gaskets, disks, etc.
  • The Processing of High-Tech Materials such as PA, POM, PVDF, PFA, PTFE, PEEK and compounds reinforced and unreinforced, is one of our strengths, and is done by us as well as the processing of PE and PP.

Here we can only give you a short insight into the diversity of our products and services…

… and there are certainly many approaches to get into a conversation with each other.